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CBD2LIVE  a division of SGM Wellness 

"Compassion By Design" our commitment to bringing Premium High-Quality CBD products to Humans and Animals in need of improving their quality of life or serious health issues.

We will not sell Unethical products with no effects or Science behind it. In today's market Many CBD products are sold that are nothing more than providing a Placebo effect or worse with harmful ingredients causing adverse side affects.

We are not a DBC "dollars before compassion" company. Quality in our sourcing and manufacturing of every CBD2LIVE product is what makes us a Premium Supplier of CBD products

CBD2LIVE provides only the Highest Quality Hemp (CBD) based nutritional extracts that are rich in non-psychoactive Phyto-Cannabinoids and Terpenoids, and are formulated to the highest standard of purity and "Serving or MG" (milligram) accuracy.

At CBD2Live we strive to develop delivery methods and formulations that enhance bioavailability, are cost effective, affordable and offer the most rewarding experience to our customers and users.

Our mission is to deepen and share the understanding of the state of the science of cannabinoids.

We support research and case studies in collaboration with medical professionals and institutions. 

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